The artistic creations carried out by the art master Matteo Libanoro in his Bottega Arteidea in Gattinara are available to measure and design.

If you want to enhance your home with fine finishes, rely on an artist with a long experience and characterised by a deep passion for his work.

In addition to dedicating himself to techniques such as artistic marble, Moroccan plaster or for the execution of wall decorations, the master Libanoro is specialized in optical illusions and in painting artistic sundials.

Contact his office to request a consultation or to arrange an inspection.

Paintings with various techniques

In addition to creating fine finishes with different techniques, from Moroccan Tadelakt to artistic marble, the artist Matteo Libanoro also dedicates himself to another great passion: painting.

Painting techniques have always been a passion of his since middle school, a love that led him to study the psychology of form and colour theory at the Academy.

Inspired by artists such as Caravaggio, Monet and Van Gogh, his favourites, the master Libanoro proposes artistic works with different painting techniques for the reproduction of portraits, landscapes and various works, as well as to embellish all environments with taste and refinement, on request and indications of its customers.

Optical illusions

If you want to enlarge the interior and exterior spaces of your home or business through the skilful use of chiaroscuro and perspective, rely on a master in the execution of artistic creations with the trompe d’oeil (optical illusion) technique.

The name itself means ‘to deceive the eye’ and it is a painting technique used since the Renaissance to enrich interior and exterior environments, niches and ceilings, creating perspectives or reproducing effects, marble, wood, rocks or skies. 

Art master, Matteo Libanoro creates works with this painting technique based on perspective in Bottega Arteidea. Contact him for advice.

Artistic sundials

Art master, Matteo Libanoro, is also specialised in the artistic creation of sundials. With a classic and modern style, sundials can enrich interiors and exteriors, creating emotional and historical aesthetic suggestions capable of making every environment unique.

Thanks to the care with which they are made, they will become real furnishing accessories such as a painting or a sculpture, while maintaining their function as a sundial, with particular and suggestive shapes.

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