Art master, Matteo Libanoro, reinterprets every environment by performing fine finishes for wall coverings and architectural elements.

His goal is to help you make your home unique with a whole series of painting techniques masterfully executed with great precision and skill, learned through his artisan experience acquired over 18 years of work. 

Contact him at Bottega Arteidea in Gattinara to request advice on the wall decorations you wish.

Lustrous stucco

Artist Libanoro also carries out the wall decorations with the lustre stucco technique. Used since the 18th century in fresco, it allows the creation of three background layers with lime materials and marble powders with the veins painted when the surface is still wet.

Subsequently, the polishing will be performed with suitable hot irons to vitrify and fix the colours.

Polished and rough brushed marble or stucco

Matteo Libanoro is also specialised in lime techniques, marble powders and natural pigments for the realisation of wall decorations. These techniques are performed with metal spatulas with two or more layers, on ready-made substrates with fine civil plaster and on the surface finished with wax.

Marmo dipinto

Le decorazioni murarie possono essere realizzate anche con una tecnica pittorica da eseguire su superfici già lisce, utilizzando vari materiali, ad acqua o a solvente, grazie ai quali si creano le venature con pennelli, spugne o altre attrezzature e finito il lavoro si protegge con vernici.